sorry to all the new friends i gave my coscard to! i forgot to add in my fb acct…OTL

do add me on!!

really had a fun time and nice meeting everybody!! 😀 



i have decided, once again, to seriously go on diet. i know i’ve said this alot of times, but this time, i am darn serious about it and it’s do or die!!!!! i’m now 76kg, and i wish to go back to normal weight of 68kg by the end of the holidays. i am going to set some rules for myself


  1. wake up and eat breakfast at 7.30am
  2. go run for at least half an hour by 8.30am. after that do whatever kind of excercise or workout i want…
  3. after that, pack my room, for at least an hour, or until 12pm, whichever is later.
  4. 12pm onwards it’s free time, can go out with friends, eat lunch blah blah, thus not allowed to set meeting timing at before 12.30pm
  5. eat dinner by 6pm, eat only half bowl of rice.
  6. strictly no eating after 7.30pm.
  7. sleep by 12.30am


  • fast food only allowed twice a month
  • softdrinks allowed once a week
  • sweetened drink only during meals
  • drink more plain water
  • vegetables every meal
  • fried food is one per 2days
  • once full it’s enough, not allowed to eat till very full!


  • go for a half hour jog at least.
  • no need to pack room.

first day of 2nd half of sem2

i have no idea what i’ve been trying to do recently. so tired, from all the assignments. it’s just the first day since sch reopen. yet i feel like the whole stress workload is coming to me.  been trying to sew the stupid shirt since after school, all i ended up was meddling with the machine. guess i need to handsew it afterall…haish..

totally forgot about fdn homework too….and it’s due on thurs. fri is 2D fashion walkway. i have no idea why i’ve been wasting all my time. i pushed away all my stuff to make time for you because i just wanna be with you. but sometimes it really feels like it isnt so the other way round. it’s always the little promises that you break which makes me sad. i’m so tired of it that it’s starting to feel numb already. i dont feel as sad as i would have last time. i wonder if it’s a good thing.